We provide printing products in large quantities, guaranteeing the shortest possible lead time. We analyse each request for proposal on a case by case basis.




Folded brochures



Promotional materials

Simple (softcover)

  • simple sown-glued binding
  • simple seamless binding
  • simple otabind binding


  • complex binding with a cardboard cover
  • complex binding with a binder’s board cover (whole-paper, half-cloth, whole-cloth)
  • integrated complex binding
  • binder’s board with sponge


  • standard steel clip
  • Euroclip


  • gloss film
  • matte film
  • soft-touch film
  • anti-scratch film
  • structural film
  • holographic film

online/offline lacquering

  • offset lacquer
  • UV lacquer
  • gloss/matte lacquer
  • aromatic lacquer
  • drip-off lacquer
  • holographic lacquer
  • 3D convex lacquer
  • lacquer with glitter
  • pearl lacquer
  • glow-in-the-dark lacquer


  • Hot stamping with a film
  • Convex
  • Concave

Dust jacket


Individual film-packing

Label bands

Shear or die cutting

Spiral binding

Gluing in CDs

Row alignment between columns

Stickers and holograms

Book edge gilding

Ribbon markers

Rubber pads with rivets

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